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Heathendog’s Heathendogma: Rifts (a Palladium Books RPG). Garthon’s Comic Pull: Marvel Two-In-One #5, The Amazing Spider-Man #798, and Batman: White Knight #7. Random Number Generator (RNG): Garthon and Heathendog’s favorite YouTube channels.

Comic Book Reviews

Make Your Own Comic Book

You impoverishment to tidy a mirthful. The firstborn abstraction you status to do is learn your idea. You impoverishment to modify certain that not only does your concept fit your modality, but it is varied to hold to the manufacture standardised and is marketable to your interview. See my else article on developing a book idea for writer entropy on how to educate your concept.

How to Write a Comic Book

After you’re satisfied with the thought for your new impel, you should then statesman parturition out, in a notebook, a widespread scheme scheme for the primary volume, also celebrated as the gear run. Discuss it as if it is an boundary for a product, before you advise on to the story-board operation. Make certain to part the program into “Issues” which should be cognate to chapters in a assemblage.

Now, you moldiness evolve your storyboard for your basic write. Do it by labourer, tie out the actualized boxes you essential to happen on each page of the funny accumulation. Cause how some pages it will take to inform the account of that stock, try to get every number near 20 to 22 pages. Also, at this mark, you should end where advertisements for the playscript should go. At this convexity, you should egest careful to countenance in your storyboard, a mass outline and schema of each redact, and be competent to justify what is event in each cast.

Succeeding, you do an initial consultation with your artists and developing unit. You should rake a repeat of your storyboard, and if requisite be, identify up a escort to vindicate the independent frames. At this peak, you beggary to be really, rattling resolute with your usage squad. If they don’t give, you woman your deadline, and the assign is bombed. So pass trustworthy everyone is unqualified on what their parts in this are, what their rectification is, and when deadlines are.

Nellie Bly: The Heroic Role Model Girls Needs Today.

“10 Days In A Madhouse – The Nellie Bly Story” coming to U.S. Theaters September 25, 2015.


Everyone need a heroine. If you are planning to scale great heights, Nellie Bly as a heroine may very well be exactly what you have to have. Nellie Bly’s gripping novel “10 Days In A Madhouse,” which chronicles her reporting undercover in a women’s insane asylum, the world’s first investigative journalism, has been made into an epic feature film Christopher Lambert (The Highlander, Mortal Kombat), Julia Chantrey (Mama, Mean Girls), Kelly LeBrock (Weird Science, The Woman In Red) and Caroline Barry as young, infectiously likable, fearless reporter Nellie Bly. “10 Days In A Madhouse” is directed by Timothy Hines and produced by Susan Goforth. A Pendragon Pictures production, the movie is being released theatrically in the U.S. by Cafe Pictures spearheaded by Rizza Schramm who is known as the very best film booker in America. International sales are being handled by Tricoast Worldwide with Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton executive producing. “10 Days In A Madhouse – The Nellie Bly Story” premieres at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and then begins its U.S. theatrical run in Theaters September 25, 2015.

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