Textured Skin And Microneedling

Microneedling Treatment For Acne Scars And Textured Skin

In this video, I will be sharing my vLog on my fourth treatment with microneedling. I begun the microneedling procedure because of my acne scars and textured skin. I grew up with acne as a teen, and then had cystic acne as an adult, and while I finally got my face to clear, it left behind a lot of acne scars and textured skin. I have truly found an amazing place in The Aesthetic Center here in Sarasota, and there is no place else I would go, or another staff I could trust with my skin. I cannot believe how much DIFFERENT my skin looks. Being four sessions in, it’s an incredible difference even from the last session.

If you have seen my other videos from the other sessions, it’s unbelievable the difference. Those are linked for you in the actual video as well – just click the “i”. In this video, Linda answers the most frequently asked questions that I have gotten from all of y’all on my other microneedling videos. You’ll also see clips from the microneedling procedure, before and after photos. Hopefully, seeing my journey will help you make the call for yourself if you have suffered from acne scars and/or textured skin. Microneedling just could be the answer for you. It’s truly changed my life.